Welcome to Senior Living (or The Real land of Oz)

Dear Prospective Resident,

Thank you for inquiring about becoming a member of our 55 and Active senior community! Here are some FAQs that may answer your questions.

Yes, living with a community of seniors can be a Peaceful, tranquil experience. Security issues are rarely a problem in our Peaceful part of town. The community is gated and the beautiful Peaceful, landscaped property offers areas for dog walking, cooking out, gossiping and, of course, Peaceful views of the Rappahannock River. We provide shuttle service to the less Peaceful parts of the city, and shopping, restaurants, and churches are all within minutes of our Peaceful community. Our Activity guru is always hard at work planning Peaceful activities that will appeal to Peaceful residents from 55 to 95!

Now, some residents find that our Peaceful community may not extend to the following exceptions:

When your upstairs neighbor’s  television is blasting old Gunsmoke episodes at 3 a.m. Every fricking morning.

Or when the grandkids come to visit Nana and invite all their pot smoking friends over for a midnight jam because hey, all the old guys ought to be sleep.

Or when the fire alarm goes off routinely at 2 a.m.(on rainy, frigid nights) because some Dear Soul on the 3rd floor forgot and put an aluminum foil covered TV dinner in the microwave.

Or when the siren and sight of the flashing red ambulance light in front of the building becomes as familiar as the Good Humor Man.

Or when you know (cansetyourclocktoit) the exact time your depends-wearing upstairs neighbor will be making his/ her tenth trip to the potty.

Or when it’s Bingo/Bridge/Canasta nite and all the golden girls converge on the Game Room dressed in their finest color coordinated leisure wear, but unfortunately the few male residents decline to show because like their younger compatriots (in the real world) know they are outnumbered.

Or maybe when YOU realize all those old ladies walking their pooch will be you one day..more proof that Fido is the new Black! **

Or when you realize you are the only Senior playing your Alicia Keyes cd loud because you like it on blast and not because you didn’t get your hearing aid adjusted.

Or your car is the only one careening into the Peaceful community after Midnight on weekends while All your neighbors are fast asleep.

So, again Welcome to Senior Living. We hope you will join us in our Peaceful community.

After all, it’s good practice for the next stage of your journey!



What happened?  One minute she’s turning out Blogs like a well oiled machine and then BAM! Nothing! Silence where there used to be laughter, songs, shared experiences, reminiscing, poetry, etc. etc. etc.

Such is the nature of a Writer; the ebb and flow of life sometimes takes us away from the Words and then brings us haltingly back again.

I won’t bore you with the details of my absence from these pages except to say Life happened.  And when you are 60+ (as many of you fellow Boomers can attest to) it can be challenging.  No one prepares you to be a Senior…there is no course you can take…(sorry AARP)…it just seems you wake up one day and nature has started taking its course.  And the best laid plans are just that… Plans.

Like working in the dirt (gardening), writing had become my antidote to no longer being a 9 to 5er.  But as with so many endeavors, we often need to pause, step back, take a break and regroup.  And that is what I have been doing.

 Boy, she is the master of roundaboutthebush!  Still aint said WHAT she being doing all these months!

I have been buoyed by those of you who have missed my Words and inquired about when/if I would return to blogging.  And to those of you who have signed on to follow me during the period of my absence, I apologize.

I will say during my absence from the page, I have been musing pretty heavily about what it means to be a Senior.  I moved from my urban townhouse/garden to a Senior community this year and have some real serious questions about whether people of the same age should all be thrown into one living environment.  I will write more about this in the coming months ( a la the horrible, no good Vegas trip Blog) as I consider whether to renew my lease at “The Villa”.  For those of you who saw the movie, The Best Exotic Marigold  Hotel (I and II) and left the theater fantasizing about living with other Boomers…remember that was a movie AND they were in  India (or a Hollywood set).

Health issues, mine and others (family/friends) have found their way into my sphere.  I have watched on the sidelines the past few years as others have succumbed to ravages of age and now it seems it is my turn to dip my toes in this pool.  It certainly does give one pause and challenge those of us who have always been strong of mind, spirit and body.

Changing relationships with parents/siblings/peers/significant others seem to be a hallmark of becoming a Senior.  Again, No one prepares you for this…it just happens it seems and can be daunting to say the least…somewhere between the muck and the mire, I would say.

And of course, the usual concern of the nolongeremployed.  What am I going to do today? Tomorrow?  Many Boomers are so obsessed with doingsomething that they forget they are supposed to enjoy their retirement. Does that include the whopping $5 increase in SS benefits?

Yeah, I have those moments sometimes, but I also have no guilt about spending an entire day binge watching House of Cards, Catfish, All the seasons of Dowtown  Abbey, Love and Hip Hop (New York and Hollywood), Being Mary Jane(future research)…in my pjs surrounded by my snacks of choice. Thank goodness for the Senior discount at Harris Teeter, Kroger,Walgreen..unfortunately the ABC store hasn’t figured out we are one of their most consuming consumers).Now if I can just remember which day they give the damn discount…(must be a test of our fleeting memory).

Many thoughts to share with you in the coming months.  I hope you will once again join me for the Ride! And Thanks for Reading…I’ve missed you!