The Revolution Will Not Be Televised… Or Posted on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook


WE interrupt this broadcast to bring you an important message!

The Revolution will NOT be televised

or posted on Instagram

or Facebook

or snap chat

or twitter.

Brother Gil Scott sounded the alarm

Malcolm and Martin were already gone

Huey and Fred and countless unnamed Panthers have led the charge

For  dignity


free food

brotherhood /sisterhood

A Voice

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The Community of Brothers Behind Bars

serving time

for victimless crimes

must be freed

Instituitions of Higher Learning

must replace crack dens,

measuring grams,

driving while black,

killing of our boys and men

Wake up! Wake up!

Social media is not real

it is a Medium

designed by the 10 percent

for control of the 90

Anesthetizing Our Youth

Dulling Their Brilliant Minds

Gaming Gaming does Not Rule

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

We have already lost too much Time

Vietnam /PTSD /Homelessness /Brother can you spare me a Dime

Visiting your baby daddy in Lockup has become a Thing

Abusing your Queen has become a Thing

Shooting Sperm in Many Women has become a new sport

fatherless children the result

Wake Up !Wake Up!

We Need You

You are the hope

the light

the Original rib

To get to the Future

We Have to Look to the Past

WE Were the kings /the pyramid builders/ the mathematicians/the blood transfusion inventor

…the doctors…the lawyers

And Soldiers who helped SAVE our Native American chiefs

Do you know Your History /Her Story ?

Anthony Benjamin Tyrone Rashad Khalif Isaiah Testimony Derrick Jason Sean…

You are the fruit we have borne

Do not ripen on the Vine

Countless numbers are Already Gone

YOU are OUR Future

Our Kings /Warriors /Griots /Musicians

Rulers of  Obama Nation


But Will Be Brought To you

Live and …In LIVING COLOR .

Hey, leave me a brief comment and forward this on to 1 Brother you know…let’s get this party uh Revolution started..right?

(100 things I ❤️ About Montreal will continue next week)

As Always,Thank you for reading my Words and please feel free to Comment/Share/ Follow … just like you did in Kindergarten 😌

Love and Light!

14 thoughts on “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised… Or Posted on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook”

      1. Lol…no between men who have responded. I reposted it a few minutes ago…will see what happens .
        You may want to put a comment on today’s post and indicate you’re interested in having a dialogue. About 50 people viewed the original post on Sunday. Maybe they are still looking at it.😏


  1. You did some digging on that one. I enjoyed the reach and teach, I enjoyed the symbolic gestures and ruff & ready attitude of yesteryear. Unfortunately sponsors frown on that type of mental stimulation. So go for the gold and every now and then slip In a reminder to rest of us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol thank you oh cautious one. But this is still ‘My Blog’. No sponsorship deal yet. Just use of Montreal pics. The return to NY and layover in DE forced me to write the Revolution piece. I was disturbed by what I witnessed among our brothers. Someone has to give a voice to this situation.Thanks for having my back Love . I wish we could start a conversation among brothers here on this platform…would love to hear from Testimony about this topic.
      Ps why does your comment post keep going to spam???


  2. True words that serve as reminder that we must keep our eyes open.
    I had this conversation last night with another enlighten brother.
    One point of our conversation was that the baton was passed but dropped between our two generations. They don’t want to see beyond their own little worlds.
    Long story short, our people are being destroyed due to a lack of knowledge…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love love love it. Now, this is reality and it’s not reality TV but real life. Keep speaking the truth and writing the word. I will pass this powerful piece on.

    Liked by 1 person

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