Dog Dayz

Hey readers, it’s been a moment since my last post and I apologize…I got a man…or should I say Lil Mann…a black and white cuddly Designer Dog that I literally saw in the window of a puppy place in the mall.

 I was headed out of Sears one Saturday after purchasing a replacement Nutri Blast machine when I found myself face to face with these adorable balls of fur faces pressed anxiously against the glass. Like a moth to the flame, I found myself in a small crowd of onlookers oohing and awing at their antics. And before I knew it, a sharp salesperson had lured me into the store…Why don’t you just hold one? She cooed, See how cute they are?

Memories of Lucky, my daughter Joy’s pooch who lived with me against his will for a few years (and was the subject of an award winning Blog post) flashed through my mind and the logical me was whispering… girl keep going …you came here for a Nutri Blast. Period.  But the emotional me ended up sitting in the human doggie house holding the cute ball of fluff who could easily have been Lucky’s son.

The salesperson was smart. She left me alone with puppy puppy for a whole 39 minutes! During that time I was taking selfies of us sending them to various folks who either oohed and ahhed or outright told me to Run and leave that dog in Puppytown!

Finally, expert salesperson returned to see if her strategy had worked. It had …until she told me the price. 

 Who pays that kind of money for a dawg , I asked, drug dealers? Girl, you must be crazy.

She assured me we could negotiate the price but as he was a Designer dog, he was well worth the price. And they could offer me financing!

Reader, prior to hosting Lucky, I had been the proud owner of a dog I adopted from the SPCA for the low price of $75! I assured her I had no intention of spending that kind of money on a pup.

Another hour later and despite admonitions from ‘the one who remains nameless’, expert salesperson had relieved me of a significant amount of my savings in exchange for a designer dog, special puppy food, a leash, harness, crate, chew toys and a cute overpriced doggy sweater with ODU insignia!

A month has passed and despite complaints from my neighbors, threats from my landlord about the yapping dog, costly visits to the Vet for anxiety medicine (for him, not me), 6 a.m. poop gathering walks,  a chewed carpet, chewed prescription glasses, chewed books on bedside nightstand, chewed nerves, Lil Mann and I are hanging in there.


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Creative one: loving... the Creator, self, family, faithful friends, good health, eating right, growing own food, good books, memorable movies, workouts, writing to exercise brain/passions, cooking from the heart, music to soothe, dancing to release...Loving LIFE I started blogging in 2013 following an outrageous and hilarious trip to Vegas. After recounting the experience to several friends, I decided to blog about it and thus began-The Adventures of an African-American writer Searching for Her story. In addition to blogging, I am the author of several books for young people on the history and culture of Ancient Egypt, Mali and Angola. My posts will appear 1 or 2 times a month and subjects will vary from social issues to healthy living, sprinkled with my wry sense of humor. Come along on the journey! Comments welcome and please share with others just like we did in Kindergarten!

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