Coming Next Week: Ruth Brown Tribute

Portsmouth born Ruth Weston Brown was truly a legend in her own time. She was recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Grammys ( proudly accepted by her son Earl Swanson) and it was a long time coming And so well deserved!

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of working as a research assistant on a yet-to-be completed project on Miss Brown’s illustrious life. The highlight of that heady experience was sitting backstage with Miss B.holding her hand as she prepared to make her final appearance onstage at the renowed  Attucks Theatre in Norfolk, Va. (Writing that sentence just gave me pause).

And the memory of  being with this Grand Lady of Rock ‘n Roll, Blues, Atlantic Records, “Hairspray”  fame was truly a highlight of my writing career}.

I will revisit a Post I wrote together with 2 of her devotees Bill Griggs and Bill Easley.  Stay tuned! And Thanks for Reading.


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9 thoughts on “Coming Next Week: Ruth Brown Tribute”

  1. Linda, looking forward to your article about Ruth Brown. I saw only one of her concerts. That, too, was late in her life. It was at the outdoor amphitheater in downtown


  2. Hey there, This one motivated me to look up Ruth Brown. What an amazing person. Her story needs to become a movie. Thanks for sharing.

    Good day to you! :0) Joe Brunson



    1. There is an old movie out about her but the one I worked on (2005) has not been released yet. The California director has been in and out of the country.Hopefully, it will be released soon. There is a movement underway in Portsmouth to renovate a building in her name and convert it into a museum/night club!


  3. Interesting. I plan to attend the event. Did anyon reach out to brother, Benjamin Weston to share program date? I have been in the hospital with my husband and Ben may not be a FB person?? But looking forward to this. Bill Griggs was a friend of Ruth’s and I saw pictures of the two of them in the newspaper when she came home. She never forgot Portsmouth and hometown folks. I loved her spirit.


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